Indonesia's Garuda cancels flight due to flat tires

created: 2009-12-10

Garuda Indonesia, the country's largest air operator, canceled a flight from North Sumatra's Medan to Jakarta due to flat tires, online news reported on Wednesday.

The accident was occurred as the plane's brake malfunctioned, forcing the four tires roughly rubbed the runway and causing them deflated. It forced the authority to close the Polonia Airport from 10:00 local time (0300 GMT).

Jammed brake held the plane, making it not able to fly with speed required. However, all passengers are safe, said the airport's Head of Plane Operational Surveillance Group Robert M Hutagalung.

Hutagalung also said that all flights to the airport were switched to the nearest ones like Penang (Malaysia), Pekanbaru (Riau province), and Batam (Riau Archipelago province).

Meanwhile, flights from Medan are still suspended.

According to him, examination of the tires before the flight was conducted in Jakarta while in Medan, the examination was held visually.

The plane was carrying 134 passengers who are now at the airport waiting room.

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