History hit for Zhujing Town, Shanghai

created: 2009-05-22

The construction of a historic area featuring the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) will begin in August in Zhujing Town in south Shanghai's Jinshan District, the township government announced.

The area, covering 25,000 square meters and centered on the 700-year-old Donglin Temple, will open in May next year, said Wang Baoyuan, governor of the Zhujing Town.Wang did not disclose the cost of the project.

Zhujing used to be one of the primary commercial centers in east China after monks began building the Donglin Temple there in 1308. It then enjoyed a thriving economy especially in the textile and brewing industries.The Donglin Temple, damaged throughout the centuries, was completed restored two years ago.Homes in the neighboring area will be renovated as part of the historic project, Wang said.

He said as well as a facelift for the buildings, living conditions inside will be greatly improved for the residents after the renovations. Some 536 households will have to be relocated for the project.

A 400-meter pedestrian mall will be constructed.A gallery will be built in the mall to feature local history and culture.

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