Approval For Opening Of Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport

created: 2009-04-27

After 13 years of effort, Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport in Fujian province has open approval from the Chinese State Council.

The airport began to apply to open in 1996, and has temporarily opened several times. The opening of the airport will promote the cross-Strait economic and trade cooperation and exchange, and bring more opportunities to Quanzhou city.

Before the new 22,000-square meter passenger terminal is put into service, the airport will partly reconstruct the international hall. The reconstructed international hall will have six check-in counters, two security gates and six passport control desks, which will be sufficient for the annual international traffic of 200,000 passengers. In addition, Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport will also increase the number of aircraft stands from the current nine to 13.

Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport will start by contacting Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, or China Eastern Airlines Corporation for the opening of international flights, with Hong Kong and Manila being the first destinations. If all goes to plan, Quanzhou citizens are expected to be able to fly overseas directly within the year 2009.



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