Xinjiang to build the Silk Road in the air

created: 2009-04-22

According to Xinjiang Airport Group Company, over the last five years, Xinjiang has finished the construction, relocation and extension of eight airports, and built four regional airports in Karamay, Narati, Kanas and Hami.

Currently there are 14 airports in operation in Xinjiang, ranking it the top in China.

Apart from China Southern and Hainan Airlines, private airlines such as Spring Airlines are also coming to Xinjiang. More than 40 airline companies now have opened routes to Xinjiang. Among the current 114 routes, there are 82 domestic and regional ones, and 32 international ones, which form a Silk Road in air.

In 2009, Xinjiang will continue the construction and extension of airports in Bole, Turpan and Kucha. It is estimated that by the end of the eleventh Five-year Plan, there will be 17 airports in operation in Xinjiang.


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