Tianjin builds tourist destinations

created: 2009-04-21

The Summit Meeting on The Construction For Tourist Destinations In Tianjin and The Signing Ceremony For The Tourist Cooperation Agreements was held in the Sheraton Tianjin Hotel to discuss Tianjin's future as a tourist destination.

It is reported that the Tianjin Tourism (Holding) Corporation has signed cooperation agreements with over 40 travel agencies. They will arrange 20 charter flights, 10 special tourism trains and 18 international cruises to Tianjin, which are expected to bring an additional 350,000 domestic and foreign tourists to the city this year.

Tianjin is said to have a great potential for tourism resources, indicating a promising future of tourism. The city is reported to aim to do more on in-depth tourism to attract more tourists and build itself into a tourist destination.


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