Sichuan adds six more 4A scenic spots

created: 2009-02-13

News from Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau is that six more 4A grade scenic spots have been added to the province's portfolio.

The six are reported to be Chengdu Jinsha Relic Museum, Panzhihua Panxi Great Valley Geshala Biological Travel Zone, Nanchong Lingyunshan Mountain Scenic Spot, Yibin Lizhuang Ancient Town, Guangyuan Zhaohua Ancient Town, Guangyuan Cangxi Red Army Ferry and Xiwudangshan Mountain Scenic Spot.

Each of these has their own unique features. For example, the Jinsha Relic Museum showcases the civilization of ancient Sichuan from about 3,000 years ago, while the Lizhuang Ancient Town represents the classic architecture of Sichuan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The addition of these six spots has brought the total number of 4A scenic spots in Sichuan to 48.

(China Hospitality News)


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