Top three tourist sources for Yunnan Province in 2008

created: 2009-02-11

The province of Yunnan has announced its 10 largest tourist source countries, with Thailand, Japan, and South Korea ranking at the top.

In 2008, Yunnan Province received 185,390 tourists from Thailand, which, with an increase of 94.64%, became the largest source country. Malaysia with 123,465 tourists, fell 19.23%, dropping from first place to fourth. Japan with 138,988 tourists, a drop of 5.73%, still maintained its place as the second tourist source. The number of American tourists to Yunnan, increased 18.9% to 100,000. According to the province's statistics, the top 10 tourist sources were Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, France, Germany, Britain, and Switzerland.

As a result of the direct flight from Kunming to Calcutta which opened at the end of 2007 ,the number of Indian tourists in 2008 soared to 25,132 , an increase of 659%. In addition, the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions are still the most important non-domestic source market, with a combined total more than 810,000 passengers, they represented 24% of the non-domestic visitors to Yunnan province in 2008.


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