Splendid Views of Mt.Wangmang Scenery Spot

created: 2012-07-13

People's Daily Online, July 12, 2012
Wangmang Mountain is located among towering and steep Taihang Mountains in the east of Gujiao town, 40 kilometers away from Linchuan County, central China’s Shanxi Province. As a national outdoor activity base and a national tourism demonstration site, the Mt.Wangmang scenery spot covers around 100 square kilometers in area.
The mountain was named when Wangmang, one emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 24) pitched a camp there during his overthrow.
The elevation of Wangmang Mountain ranges from 300 meters to 1700 meters. Due to the great altitude intercept, the temperature difference between peak and mountain foot is huge. In the morning or after rain or snow, clouds will assemble among mountains, forming a cloud sea and change into all kinds of fantastic shapes.
It is magnificent to watch the sunrise in Wangmang Mountain. The sun rises in the east and jumps out of the mist, its shape changes from lanterns to fire ball. And the color of the sky changes to green, blue, orange, purple, and yellow. If you can witness the sunrise in the sea-like clouds, the scenery will be even more fantastic.
On August 20, 2007, the Mt.Wangmang scenery spot was included in the national 4A-level scenic spots.

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