Shanghai to Become World-famous Tourist City

created: 2011-02-22

The municipal government of Shanghai, China's financial and business center, recently revealed that it aims to turn the city into a world-famous tourist city during the 12th Five Year Plan period from 2011 to 2015, making tourism a strategic pillar sector and a modern service industry.
The government said it plans to invest more than CNY40 billion into 13 key tourism projects, including the Disneyland project.
Local authorities said it has set a growth target of 70% in tourism revenues over the five years to 2015. Tourism revenues are expected to increase to CNY520 billion by 2015.
The tourism industry is expected to create 300,000 jobs and contribute 8.5% to the city's gross domestic product by 2015.
Shanghai plans to attract domestic 240 million visitors by 2015.

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