Hainan Airlines to Help Boost Hainan's Tourism Sector

created: 2010-12-08

Hainan Airlines Company recently announced that it schedules to invest CNY1.5 billion in one of its subsidiaries, HNA International Tourism Island Development & Construction Company, in a bid to help boost the island's tourism sector.
According to industry analysts, the investment will help the carrier to better participate in the construction of an international tourism island, and this is expected to bring great opportunities to the island aviation sector and to the carrier itself over the next 10 years.
The Chinese government has announced plans to develop the country's only tropical province into a top international tourism destination by 2020.
At the current stage, the annual number of overnight tourists visiting Hainan is nearly 20 million. The figure is expected to increase to 70 million in the next decade — based on an annual growth of 13%.

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