Launch of Hangzhou Festival just grand

created: 2008-10-21

The 10th China Hangzhou West Lake International Expo opened on Saturday night with a grand performance at the Qianjiang New City.

The annual expo, now a trademark program of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, will run until November 8, featuring 102 conventions, exhibitions and events to showcase the city's tourism, quality of life, international cooperation, and business environment.

"Over recent years, the expo has driven the city's economic and social development," said Guo Chumin, an organizing committee official.

The festival will run for the next three weeks and feature a range of cultural events including the International Fireworks Show, Wushan Temple Fair, Food Festival and West Lake Beer Festival.

It will also include business events such as the West Lake Expo Investment Cooperation Week and the annual China Sustainable Development Forum.

Another expo highlight will be the Southern Song Dynasty Culture Week from tomorrow through Sunday, celebrating Hangzhou's legacy as the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty from the early 12th Century until 1276.

Guo announced yesterday that for the first time, 80,000 free tickets will be offered to local citizens and visitors to encourage strong participation in the expo.

"West Lake Expo is like a holiday for us," said Wang Zhenyu, a Hangzhou resident. "We can always enjoy various interesting exhibitions and activities."

The China Hangzhou West Lake International Expo was first held in 1929 and has been staged each year since 2000.


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