The 20th Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival to be Held in 2010

2010-03-22China travel Guide

The 20th Shanghai Peach Flower Festival will be on stage on March 26 with the theme on new Pudong, peach flowers and Expo. By that time, five attractions will be launched: Datuan Peach Garden, Nanhui Peach Village, Xinchang Peach Garden, Binhai Peach Blooms Land and heqing Organic Garden.

Situated all at Pudong New Area, these five attractions have adopted many measures to coordinate with Shanghai Peach Flower Festival. Unique local performances will be held then when you can enjoy singing and dancing performances and peasant dishes as well.  
For the convenients of tourists, the locations of these five attractions will be given and relative itineraries (including one-day trip and two-day trip) will be designed by organizing committee. Shanghai Travel Logistic Center will promote one day trip as well. The 20th Shanghai Peach Flower Festival will last to April 13 and will add hue to the Shanghai Expo in advance.

 --- By Haphine (VisitOurChina)



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