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Famous Destinations around Shanghai

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    Yellow Mountain

    Yellow Mountain, also named Huangshan, lies in the eastern part of China, is famous for its marvelous and beautiful scenery.

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Map Of Expo 2010

map of Shanghai expo 2010

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Introduction-Expo 2010,Shanghai

World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in China. By dedicating exhibitions, events and forums on the Expo theme, "Better City, Better Life," Shanghai hopes to build a powerful and lasting pilot example of sustainable and harmonious urban living. Furthermore the theme of the exposition signifies Shanghai's new status in the 21st century as a major economic and cultural center. The Expo 2010 is a scheduled World Expo in the grand tradition of international fairs and expositions. It is expected to generate the largest number of visitors in the history of the world's fairs in terms of gross numbers. The Expo will take place from May 1–October 31, 2010.

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