Dinner Party of VisitOurChina on Jan.5th, 2010

2010-01-07Working at VisitOurChina

At the end of 2009 (in Chinese lunar calendar) on Jan.5th, 2010, our company had a dinner party in Xufulou Restaurant. We really had a big and nice feast there.



Every one in the party is happy to be together with colleague. Since the 2010 Tiger Year is coming, we were quite exciting and sent our wished to each other.

The dishes in Xufulou Restaurant are delicious and the guestrooms there are well-equipped. It is located diagonally opposite the Armed Force Department in the Liangjiang International Airport Road, Guilin. You can try visiting there if you had chance.




--- By Haphine (VisitOurChina)



Huge feast, wow.