Charlie's China Tour—An Amazing Day in Zhangjiajie

2018-12-27China travel Guide

Awoke this morning at 6:45 AM. We're up in the mountains, the Wuling Mountains in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the city of Zhangjiajie. The mountains are sometimes called the Avatar Mountains as the movie 'Avatar' was filmed in this area.

Something important that I neglected to mention to you about our ride from the airport to Zhangjiajie last night. Our very charming local guide Melody favored Jay and I with a folk song. It was very charming, beautiful, and and poignant. Such a wonderful welcome.

Right now I am unable to get on the internet. Following breakfast we will be meeting with Melody at 9 AM. As I understand, we are staying in Huangshi Village. Huangshi Village located in Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangiajie, is one of the top 5 highlight travel itineraries of China. We drove from our hotel higher in the mountains to a place where we took the Tianzi Mountain Cable Car to get further up in the mountains.

Stunning View from the Mountain Top

The entire area is breathtaking. On our ride up we passed spectacular scenery both right and left. We arrived at Yuanjiajie Scenic Area. People there were selling all sorts of stuff including some tasty nuts that Melody purchased for us.

Melody Purchased Some Nuts for Us

We are now in the Bailong Elevator going up maybe 20 or 30 stories. Actually it the height is 335 meters (1099 feet). The elevator was listed into the Guinness World Records, because it is honored as “the highest, the fastest, largest-loaded outdoor elevator in the world". The highest glass elevator in the world; the purpose of the elevator is to get people up to a "can't miss" visual mountain experience while visiting in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It skims the side of the mountain and suddenly we were privileged to look upon the breathtaking splendor of these mountains. It's a 1 minute ride to the top. Once we reached to top and the end of our once in a lifetime elevator ride. Melody took us for a walk to an area that she called 'her garden'. From 'Melody's Garden' we were treated to perhaps most dramatic visual spectacle that we very likely will experience on our visit to China. Sharp mountain peaks piercing the sky.... in every direction. Yes, you will have to check out the pictures taken from this area as what we saw defies an adequate description.

Sharp Mountain Peaks Piercing the Sky

At 'Melody's Garden' we met 3 people, 2 from Indonesia and along with Wendy, their local guide. Very friendly people. We had a nice chat. We spent maybe an hour in this very peaceful area. We then took 2 shuttle buses down to an area where we once again can board the cable car for a ride down the mountain. No TV, news from 'the states' and I really haven't missed it at all.

View From Melody's Garden

Tonight our dinner consisted of snacks. We have been enthusiastically tasting all of the delicacies that we were able to in this part of the world. Tonight it is going to be snacks, Coke Zero and some ice cream. Jay also had some fried rice. Melody joined us this evening for a walk and dinner. Later Jay and I attended a very entertaining cultural performance at a local theater. We witnessed some amazing performances. Following the show, we walked about 6 city blocks back to our hotel. I'm definitely running out of positive adjectives.  They are all applicable.

A Very Entertaining Cultural Performance at A Local Theater

Just another amazing day in wonderful China.

To be continue...

--by Charlie Kath (customer of Visit Our China)