Massage - A Must Do in China!

2009-05-25Life in Guilin

One of the best things about life in China are the prices! The prices for food, for transportation, for renting houses, for entertainment, for MASSAGE! Being part of Chinese traditional medicine and culture, massage is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Many Chinese people go to the massage more often than once a week, to relax, and indulge ones body and mind with it. Most common are body massages and foot massages, which cost 25RMB – 50RMB per hour. All in all one can say that the more expensive ones are often done by more professional studios. Ask your tour guide for a good address, which is not tourist driven, as many in the center are.

For the body massages you stay completely dressed and lay down on the massage chair. Usually they have rooms with more than one massage chair, which means that you can go there with friends or family members. That makes it a very nice experience. Usually you can make the masseuse understand if it’s too hard or soft. During the body massage, especially men like it, if the masseuse walks over their backs. But personally I never have done that.

I have to admit that the foot massage can be very painful. I just did it once and I wanted to make them stop several times. However it is said to have very good impacts on the whole body, and after the pains had gone the feet felt very good! After a day full of sightseeing and walking around I am sure it is a good thing to do!

Considering the prices you have to pay in Europe for massages, it is quite cheap in China and a very good experience!

 --- By Susanne (VisitOurChina)