Painted Guilin in winter

2012-01-06Life in Guilin

The winter in Guilin fells with rain finally in December. The sharply dropping temperature (4 Celsius degree) at the last week of the month colored some trees such as maples and maidenhair trees and is decorating the city with colorful leaves. Thank goodness, it cleared up again and a blue sky of spring contrasted vividly with the leaves, creating an extraordinarily beautiful scene. To catch the masterpieces of the nature, I went out to take some pictures of that specially.
(Photo: Guilin is covered with orange sun lights of the rising sun in the morning.)
 (Photo: On both sides of the Fuxing Road (辅星路) lines of maidenhair tree are planted.)
 (Photo: Beautiful maples on the Longyin Road (龙隐路) in Sanlidian (三里店).)
 (Photo: Many shutterbugs are attracted to the Seven Star Park (七星公园) to record the beauty of the leaves.)
 (Photo: Vendors selling color-printed balloons, water chestnut puddings and cotton candy in front of the Seven Star Park.)


--- By Lu Yaoyun (Visit Our China)



We were a group of three friends who took the apamrtpent for ten days. The place is great, very clean, nice outside area. The kitchen is well equiped and there is plenty of space. The location is good for the local market, a bit run down but nice and quiet and a good location for the beach. The owners are very friendly, there was a mix up with our booking on the last night but they went out of their way to rectify it. Would definitely recommend it


Hi Tap, thanks for leaving a comment and good to learn that you and your friends enjoyed a good time during your trip. Welcome to China again!