Zhangye Cuisine

In the long course of history, people in Zhangye have developed their own unique customs. Known to all, Zhangye food is well reputed, not only because it is inexpensive and delicious but also rich in cultural deposits. Therefore, their special way of eating has been developed.

Noodle is the main staple of Zhangye people, together with rice, millet and coarse rice. In terms of noodle, noodle is divided into Saozi noodle, sweet potato starch noodle, Jiupianzi, Latiaozi and so forth.

Due to its similar latitude to France, Zhangye boasts the same natural conditions for brewing grape vine. So Zhangye also has a long history of grape vine.

On the east Minzhu Road, visitors can try all sorts of snacks from around the country. Generally speaking, the food street opens from six in the morning to three or four next morning. All food stalls are arranged on either side where various snacks are offered at a low price. Besides, antique replica pailou, or decorated archway are standing at the end of the street. Hence, visitors can enjoy the quaint architecture while tasting delicate food!

Xiangfan (香饭)

Xiangfan, also called Northewester Da Cai, is a special dish of local flavour. First, roll sheep lungs or pig lungs in the wrappers and cut them into wafers. Then add some pork slices, agarics, eggs and peppers to it. Finally, drop sauce and the tasteful dish is just before your eyes!

Saozi Noodle (臊子面)

The most common and the most popular breakfast in Zhangye is saozi noodle. It stresses thin wrapper, clear soup, and excellent taste. And chicken soup is the best. Add pepper powder and ginger powder, then water starch to it so that the soup looks clear. Finally, place slices of tofu. At the sight of this mouthwatering dish, you cannot help trying it at once!