Yongfu Cuisine

Momordica grosvenori, vitis amurensis, agaric, tomatoes, Chinese chestnut are specialties of Yongfu county.
Momordica grosvenori (罗汉果)
Yongfu is home to momordica grosvenori. Acclaimed as the oriental magic goods, momordica grosvenori has a history of more than two hundreds year. It is precious medical materials, rich in abundant glucose, and it is conductive to clearing heat, moistening lung, relieving a cough, tonifying spleen and lowering blood pressure. In the meanwhile, it is an excellent soft drink and seasoning. If you add some momordica grosvenori to the soup or meat, the dish will be more refreshing.
Osmanthus orange (桂花橙)
The orange is such named because its leaves resemble those of osmanthus trees, its flesh is of osmanthus yellow, and it smells fragrant as if it were osmanthus flowers. This kind of orange can stimulate your appetite, help you digest and give you a lift. As it contains sorts of vitamins, glucose, fructose, citric acid, it can also benefit you from relieving a cough, and have a positive effect on treating feebleness, high blood pressure and other diseases.
Vitis amurensis (山葡萄)
Vitis amurensis is one of the specialties of Yongfu County. They look blackish purple and have abundant juice, thus being the best material of making grape wine as well as fruit juice. As is rich in glucose, organic acid, vitamins and trace elements, vitis amurensis is of great value for health protection.