Yingtan Weather

Yingtan belongs to the Central Asia tropical warm and wet monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. It features moderate climate, plentiful rainfall, sufficient sunlight and long frost free season. It has an average 264 frost free days and the average annual temperature is 18.1℃, of which the hottest month is July with the average temperature 29.7℃ and the coldest month is January with the average temperature 5.6℃. It has an average 186 rainy days, and the annual average volume of rainfall is 1889.2mm, the flood season (from April to June) of which makes up 48.3% and the dry season (from July to September) makes up 20%. The perennial dominate wind is easterly and northeasterly.

In spring, the temperature changes dramatically, and in flood season, it often rains and blows heavily; in summer, the weather is extremely hot; while in the autumn, the climate is quite agreeable with clear sky and clouds, and in winter, it is warm with little frost and snow, they are the two best seasons to travel in Yingtan.