Yinchuan in brief

Yinchuan, the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is also called "the city of phoenix". Located in the middle part of Ningixa plain, Yinchuan borders Yanchi county of Wuzhong city in the east, Alxa of Inner Mongolia in the west while close to Helan Mountain, Litong district of Wuzhong city, and Qingtongxia city in the south, and Luoping county of Shizuishan city in the north. Covering an area of over 9,000 square kilometers, Yinchuan is divided into Xingqing district, Jinfeng district, Xixia district, Yongning county, Helan county, and Lingwu county-level city. While a majority of Han Chinese inhabits the city, there are more than 400,000 people of Hui nationality. Since the ancient times, Yinchuan has been enjoying the reputation as Frontier Pearl, possessing the famed Western Xia Mausoleum, large-scale masjid, Chengtiansi Pagoda, Chengtian Temple and other attractions. Many Muslim architecture are also available.

History of Yinchuan – rich in diversified cultures

A glimpse of the famed Western Xia Mausoleum in Yinchuan.

Yinchuan, as one of the 101 historical and cultural cities at national level, and one of the central cities of northwest China, boasts distinct diversified cultures. Together with awe-inspiring Helan Mountain and the Yellow River, Yinchuan creates the impressive Yinchuan plain, which gives birth to brilliant civilizations, such as central plains culture, frontier fortress culture, Hetao culture, Silk Road culture, Western Xia culture, Islam culture. All these splendid cultures combine with each other in a harmonious fashion, making the city with an image of forceful Helan Mountain and colourful Yinchuan.

Yinchuan nowadays – frontier lake city

Helan Mountain is a must-see whenever you travel in Yinchuan.

Yinchuan nowadays has made great changes. A batch of landscaping projects including Haibao Park, Forest Park enlarges the greenbelt areas; water system taking Aiyi River and Beita Lake as priority well protects the lake and wet land. In the meanwhile, Yinchuan urban built-up becomes larger than it was in the past, reaching the area of 106 square kilometers; the modern regional hub city is basically formed, infrastructure gets advanced, and ecological environment keeps improving. All this measures make Yinchuan - the front lake city outstanding.

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