Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort

Chinese name: 三千漓山水人文度假区
Location: Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Best season to visit Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort: all year round

Introduction to Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort in Yangshuo
Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort is located in the northeast of Xingping Town, Yangshuo. Adjacent to the background scene of RMB 20, and near the famous scenic spots such as Nine-horse Mural Hill, Reflection of Yellow Cloth, Xingping Fishing Village and Xingping Ancient Town, the resort is located in the Li River tourism essence belt of Yangshuo. It is 46 kilometers away from Guilin city center, 26 kilometers away from Yangshuo county seat, and only 6 minutes drive from Yangshuo High-speed Railway Station.

Yangshuo Sanqianli

Covering an area of more than 1.46 square kilometers, the overall planning of the Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort in Yangshuo consists of five functional areas, namely, cultural tourism streets, ecological pastoral tourist area, pastoral vacation residential area, mountain residential leisure tourist area, and conference holiday area. The aim is to form a vacation resort integrating hospitality, catering, entertainment, cultural innovation products, family activities, education, performing arts, sports, health, business meetings and other formats, to meet the needs of tourists for sightseeing and vacations.

In Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and the mythical singing and dancing show Eternal Love & Sanqianli with 800-meter real landscape as background; you can stay in a culture-themed hotel, or a romantic riverside boat-shaped house, or a dreamy bubble house; you can enjoy your heart with your kids in the Kiddie Land, or play together in the five-dimensional VR exploration hall; you can appreciate the famous painter Xu Beihong's masterpieces up close here, or watch the setting sun in the Hutaoli Music Restaurant & Bar. In addition, Baidong New Media Sensory Art Restaurant, the Phoenix Ancient Stage and other attractions will meet with your journey unexpectedly.

Characteristic Experience at Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort
Five-star theme hotels
There are a variety of culture-themed hotels in the resort. Hua Jian Ji Hotel is based on the theme of flowers, and its design is based on the color of the wood, supplemented by the calm and pleasant lake blue, in order to provide guests with a free form that returns to the essence. Tian Wen Jin Hotel takes “Guangxi Brocade” as the color ornament, highlighting the characteristics of ethnic minorities, and integrating local culture and simple but elegant ethnic sentiment. With the theme of fishing culture, Yu Jia Ao Hotel extracts elements such as bamboo rafts and bamboo baskets from the Li River fishing tradition, and integrates them into the soft decoration of the guest rooms to create a leisure and natural space experience.

Leke VR Exploration Hall
With technology and creativity as the purpose, through virtual reality technology equipment, and integrating the theme concept of the resort, the Leke VR Exploration Hall aims to create a fun, immersive virtual reality theme park. The VR deep-sea exploration in the resort simulates the underwater environment, greatly mobilizes the sight, hearing, and touch of the tourists, who seem to be truly traveling in mysterious sea and enjoy an underwater adventure with endless fun.

Ancient Art and Culture Experience Center
Here, visitors can dress up in Han Chinese clothing to listen to Guqin and drink tea, or try shooting arrows and other activities. The Ancient Art and Culture Experience Center has the following programs:
1) Archery Center: archery can strengthen the body, exercise concentration and patience.

2) Ancient Paper-making Experience: paper-making is one of the four great inventions of China. Paper is the accumulation of long-term experience and wisdom of the ancient Chinese laboring people, it is an outstanding invention in the history of human civilization. Here you can learn about the history of paper-making and experience the ancient paper-making processes.

3) Han Chinese Clothing Experience Center: The traditional costume of the Han people is Han Chinese clothing (Hanfu), which is not only a dress, but also a way of life and a spiritual continuation of traditional culture. The purpose of the center is to make more people like Hanfu and understand Chinese traditional culture.

Sanqianli Cultural Innovation Base of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi
The first cultural innovation base of the Anthropology Museum of Guangxi has settled in  Sanqianli Leisure Tourism Resort. It focuses on displaying the distinctive costumes, historical culture, cultural customs of 12 inhabited ethnic groups in Guangxi, as well as hundreds of cultural innovation products of multiple series.

Baidong New Media Sensory Art Restaurant
The head chef Mr. Wu Hongwei used to be the chef of a three-star Michelin. The Baidong immersive light and shadow interactive restaurant provides set meals with "creative cuisine" as the core. Each dish is accompanied by a spatial picture and music, which allows the unique enjoyment of sight, smell, hearing, and taste.

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