Xiamen Weather

A coastal city located in southern Fujian Province and faces Taiwan Island, Xiamen is of subtropical monsoon climate with a pleasant weather throughout the year. With an annual average temperature of 21 Celsius degree, the weather of Xiamen is moderate but rains quite a lot. The rainy season is from May to August and the annual average rainfall is 1200mm. During the same period, it is also the typhoon season; the general wind power is level 3 or 4 and the dominant wind is northeasterly. It has neither scorching summer nor severe winter in Xiamen. Influenced by the Pacific airflow, it suffers from average 4-5 times of typhoon each year, focusing on summer from July to September. Thanks to long duration of sunshine, the flowers and trees are ever beautiful and thriving here at all seasons.

Xiamen is a city suitable for visit throughout the year. It is only in typhoon season in August when all ships stop open that the beautiful sea view can not be enjoyed. As it is just like spring all the year round, if it is hard for you to choose a time to visit Xiamen, then spring and autumn, to be specific, April, May, September and October, should be the best recommended time. The winter is also quite warm in Xiamen, the lowest temperature is only low to 4 Celsius degree, and it never snows.