Jiuqu Stream

Jiuqu Stream,Wuyi Mountain Tours,Wuyishan Tours,Fujian Tours,China Tours

Originated from Huanggang Peak, the main peak of Mount Wuyi, the Jiuqu Stream winds through mountains and take totally nine bends with clear water and pleasant environment which is untouched by human being. All these make drifting on the river fairly exciting and interesting. Although the water level varies throughout the year it is always possible for a bamboo raft to carry tourists up and down the river. The beautiful, tranquil journey down the stream brings you closer to nature than almost anywhere else in China.


Cruising down the river past the natural gallery of silent bamboo, and the sound of the stream gently lapping against the side of the bamboo raft one can help but feel relaxed, the complete absence of human presence on either bank of the river adds to the sense of completed escape from the outside world.

Jiuqu Stream,Wuyi Mountain Tours,Wuyishan Tours,Fujian Tours,China Tours

The stream is described as a string of pearls that winds through the green landscape, indeed on a raft down the stream one will pass over 36 towering peaks and 99 crags, as well as several naturally occurring pools that feed of the river and glisten like small crystals on a sunny day, one visited by the vice-president of China during the 1990's he waxed lyrically about the beauty of the stream.

Travelling along the stream involves travelling on a bamboo raft with nothing other than blue skies and white clouds above, experiencing the rarely seen natural beauty along a stream that has been used as a transport passage for over 1,000 years. It is said that when one journey's along the Jiuqu Steam it is as if they have entered into a painting such is the beauty and serenity of the surroundings.

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