Taihu Lake

Located at the junction of Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, Taihu Lake, the third of China's five largest fresh-water lakes, is a beautiful national-level scenic spot as well as the cradle of the Wu and Yue cultures. 

Taihu Lake,Wuxi Tours,Jiangsu Tours,China Tours

Taihu Lake is at a sea-level of only 3.33 meters, with a deepest point of 4.8 meters and an area of 2338 square kilometers. Amidst the lake dot 48 islands, among which the Turtle Head Island, the Three Mountains, the West Mountain and the Maji Mountain are most renowned. Dotted with isolated islands, multi-peaked mountains, lush vegetation, Taihu Lake create a natural Chinese painting, with nice landscapes of Wuxi City, elegant Suzhou gardens, historic relics of the Wu Dynasty and the Yixing Karst Caves accompanying along the bank.

Taihu Lake,Wuxi Tours,Jiangsu Tours,China Tours

In ancient times, Taihu Lake was originally part of Gulf of the East China Sea but afterwards grew up into an inland lake because of perennial sludge's filling the weir. Year after year, the lake was diluted into a fresh-water one and finally runs into the Yangtze River. Boats can access the Taihu Lake from the Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Taihu Lake Amusement Park

Taihu Lake Amusement Park sits on the southern bank of the Taihu Lake, adjoining downtown Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province. The park contains some attracting tourist items such as Extreme Sports Ground, Chinese BornTag Area, Kart Racing Course, Water World and Fishing Area.

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