Mei Garden

Sitting between the Taihu Lake and the Dragon Mountain, Meiyuan (Chinese: 梅园), or Plum Garden, is 1.5 kilometers from the Taihu Lake and about 5 kilometers from downtown Wuxi. Just like its name implies, inside the garden 40 breeds of plums trees are planted anywhere.
With a nice wish of "bestrewing sweet fragrance to the land under heaven", Mr. Rong Zongjing and Mr. Rong Desheng, pioneers of national industry of China in early 1900s, bought the land now known as Plum Garden and began to plant plum tress in the garden.

Mei Garden,or Plum Garden, is a popular attraction for appreciating plum trees and flowers in Wuxi

For nearly about 90 years,  the garden has collected about 8000 plum trees, many of which were introduced from Suzhou, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changshu and Anhui. To this day, this private family garden of Mr. Rong has been become a 542,000-square-meters public scenic spot combining natural landscapes, historic relics, rare plants and flowers, garden architecture, items of recreation and fitness,

What to see in Plum Garden?

Charming plum trees, Chinese wistaria, old cypresses, laurels, bizarre stone, stone inscriptions, Soul Cleaning Stream, Tianxin Stand, Jili Pavilion, Qingfen Pavilion, Zhaohe Pavilion, Nianqu Tower, Lenong Villa, etc.

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