Wuhan Cuisine

With a long history and convenient transportation since ancient time, Wuhan has a wide range of special dishes and local snacks. Wuhan people give very much attention to cutting skills, heat control, and color and look of a dish. They are experts in simmering soup.

Famous dishes: Steamed Wuchang Fish (清蒸武昌鱼), Braised Turtle (黄焖甲鱼), Deep-fried Strap-shaped Eel (皮条鳝鱼), Orange Slice-shaped Fish Ball (橘瓣鱼丸), Huangpi Sanhe (黄陂三合).

Popular snacks and recommended restaurants: (热干面), Tofu Skin (豆皮), Soup Dumpling (汤包), Chicken Soup in Pottery Jar (瓦罐鸡汤), Duck Neck (鸭脖), Boiled Dumplings (水饺), Mixed Bean Curd Jelly (什锦豆腐脑), ,Rice Dumpling Stuffed With Fried Sesame (麻蓉汤圆), Deep-fried Dough Cake (油香), Beef Rice Noodles (牛肉米粉), Rice Noodles in Fish Soup (糊汤粉).

When you are in Wuhan, you should not miss four things: Hot Dry Noodle in Cailinji Restaurant (蔡林记), Tofu Skin in Laotongcheng Restaurant (老通城), Soup Dumplings in Sijimei Restaurant (四季美), and Chicken Soup in Pottery Jar in Xiaotaoyuan Restaurant (小桃园). All the three restaurants are located in commercial streets of Hankou.