Turpan Weather

Turpan falls within a unique continental drought desert climate in warm temperate zone. Located in Turpan Basin surrounded by high mountains, the temperature soars sharply but cools down slowly. Turpan is dry and rainless, with sufficient sunlight that the sunshine duration can be reached to 3200 hours a year. The annual average temperature is 14 Celsius degree, the average temperature in summer is about 30 Celsius degree, there are average 99 days a year with the temperature higher than 35 Celsius degree, and about 28 days with the temperature higher than 40 Celsius degree. Furthermore, with long-hour sunlight, high temperature, large difference in temperature between day and night, few rainfall, and strong wind, Turpan is hailed as A Land of Fire and Wind.

Turpan has very short spring and autumn but long summer. It has 270 frost free days and an annual accumulated temperature more than 5300 Celsius degree. The advantageous photo-thermal conditions and the particular climate are quite suitable for the cultivation of grapes, Hami melons and other out-of-season vegetables, which make Turpan a renowned Hometown to Grapes, Melons and Fruits in the country. Thus, the harvest season from July to September is always the best time to travel in Turpan.