Turpan Cuisine

Turpan food is pretty rich. Not only are Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine here and there, but snacks of Uighur flavour and Islamic food enjoy great popularity in folks. Guanghui Street is a famous snack street in Turpan where you can eat a great number of foods. Virtually, it is a feast for your eyes and mouths!!

Fruit in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region are well-reputed, especially grapes of Turpan. Due to sufficient sunlight and heat, little rain and dry climate, grapes here contain much sugar. Moreover, grape varieties count more than a hundred. No wonder grapes in Turpan are quite popular in China. If you are a fruit-fanatic, you can regard grapes as the main staples. Besides, mouthwatering products made from grapes are multitude, for example, raisins, grape wine, Musilaisi and the like.

Boiled Mutton in Clear Soup (清炖羊肉)

Boiled mutton in clear soup is a traditional dish in Turpan. Chop the fresh mutton and stew it in hot water before removing foam. Usually speaking, add salt and onions to it; however, sometimes add yellow pickled radish, coriander, tomato, and Qamgur so as to make it stronger. Generally, Uighur people tend to drink a bowl of soup after having mutton in order to digest the food.

Musailaisi (木塞莱斯)

The main ingredients of Musilaisi are fresh grapes. Wash grapes and strike them with alhagi so that the seeds and peals are left on the chopping board and the juice in the basin. Then filter it before boiling in the pot. Next, pour the juice into the well-sealed jar and place the jar exposed to the sun for 40 days. Although it contains a little alcohol, Musailaisi is by no means a grape wine. It looks light coffee and tastes sour-sweet. No wonder it is one of the favourate drinks for Uighur.