Tianjin Haihe River Bund

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The Tianjin Haihe River Bund is located in the Tanggu District of the city. It covers an area of approximately 130,000 meters and is 1 kilometer long, connecting the pedestrian mall on Jiefang Road in the north and facing the Haihe River in the south. In the middle of the pedestrian strip there is a water fountain that reaches an amazing height of 170 meters, the highest in China. The Haihe River Bund combines shopping, outdoor fun, natural scenic views together to provide a truly stimulating experience.

One of the highlights of the Haihe River Bund are the amazing sail structure that rest of over the strip, there are in total three sails measuring between 50 to 100 meters in length. These sparkling white sails create a beautiful contrast to the deep blue river beside them and the clear blue sky above them. This area also includes a beautifully maintained botanic garden as well as more water fountains, creating an incredible sight when they all light up at night.

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