Dabei Temple / Great Compassion Temple

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The Dabei Buddhist Temple is located in the Tianjin's Hebei District; built in 1658 the temple itself holds the bones of one of China's most famous monks-Tang Xuanzang. The temple is divided into East Section and West Section; the West Section is comprised of Relics Hall and Abbot Hall, both are old temples of Qing dynasty, and it is also the conference center of Tianjin Buddhist Association; the East Courtyard is the main body of Dabei Buddhist Temple, consisting of Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Chanting Hall of Monk Xuanzang, Chanting Hall of Monk Hongyi, etc.  

Daxiong Hall is the main body of Dabei Buddhist Temple, inside which a 3-meter-high gilt bronze Sakyamuni statue made in Ming dynasty is worshiped. Thousands of Buddhists are graved in the base where Sakyamuni sit on. On both sides of the statue, there stand lebensecht Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha; other important artifacts include a large bronze elephant and a statue of the goddess of mercy, these ancient treasures represent priceless Buddhist artifacts.

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