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Bamboo Rafting

Li River Rafting

Li River, a pearl among China’s beautiful landscape, is the essence of Guilin tour, while a bamboo rafting on the Li River is a unique scenery line. Take a rafting at Li River can enjoy the idyllic scenery of inverted reflection of limestone peaks, green waters, buffalo boys, fishermen and their cormorant, and simple countryside views.


Guanyan – Yangdi Pier – Nine-horse Fresco Hill – Xingping Ancient Town (Most people choose to start the rafting from Yangdi Pier.)

Highlights along the journey: Yellow Cloth Reflection, Nine-horse Fresco Hill, Carp Hang Wall Hill, Thumb Hill, Qiandong Hill, Five Fingers Hill, Mouse-climb-hill Hill, A-boy-worship-goddess Hill, An-elder-and-an-apple Hill, Eight Immortals Hill, Tortoise Hill, Magic Pen Hill, and so forth.

Rafting time: the whole journey takes about 3-5 hours according to your visits time on the bank and lunch time.
Prices: in general, about CNY216 per person, CNY390 per raft (for 4 persons).


Guilin – Guanyan: 29km and about 1-hour-drive, take shuttle bus at Guilin Bus Station at Zhongshan Road;
Guilin – Yangdi intersection: 50km and about 50-min-drive, take shuttle bus at the square in front of Guilin Rail Station;
Yangdi intersection – Yangdi Pier: 12km and about 20-min-drive, take shuttle bus at the intersection;
Xingping – Yangshuo: 30km and about 40-min-drive, take shuttle bus at Xingping Bus Station.


Rafting on Li River is maneuvering. Each bamboo raft is equipped with a motor, lift jackets, life rings and poles at the edge. One raft is limited only for 4 visitors. Our bamboo rafting on Li River is approved by the government; the raftsmen are all licensed. So the rafts and rafting are safe.

Yulong River Rafting

Yulong River is the longest tributary of Li River in Yangshuo County, and hailed as “small Li River”. Yulong River scenery is natural and primitive with no manual sight spots. The calm river water is like a huge mirror which clearly reflects the enchanting idyllic scenery on both banks. The three famous ancient bridges of Guangxi are all seen here, Yulong Bridge, Xiangui Bridge and Fuli Bridge.

Yulong River area is worth more than one visit. Even if you have cycled or hiked around, the views is quite different when see them on a raft. Rafting on Yulong River is a rewarding trip and one of the activities you have to do in Yangshuo if you want an enjoyment of Yangshuo landscape at its most. Enjoy the opened beauty of limestone peaks and green waters, in the meanwhile, you may see framers here using the river to catch fish, do the laundry, water rice fields and bath the buffaloes.


Pier – Xiangui Bridge (a leisure rafting spends about 1.5-2 hours and CNY180)
(The top views on the journey include Beauty Hill, Immortal Hill, Shuangshi Hill, Xiangui Bridge, etc.)
Chaoyang Pier – Gongnong Bridge (a classical rafting spends about 1.5-2 hours and CNY180)
(Top views on the journey include Tortoise-racing Hill, Red-flags Hill, waterwheel, Jumping-frog Hill, Five Fingers Hill, Moon Hill, Pan Mansion, Xu Beihong’s Studio, Gongnong Bridge, Third Sister Liu’s Zhuang Village, etc.)


The piers of Yulong River rafting are about several kilometers south of Yangshuo town center, before you reach the Moon Hill. Most people choose to come by bicycle and bring the bike on the raft which is usually possible.


Bamboo rafts at Yulong River move ahead by the operation of raftsmen. Each bamboo raft is limited only for 2 visitors. The river doesn’t flow fast and all bamboo rafts on Yulong River are approved by the government; the raftsmen are all licensed. And the rafting journey is also limited. That is to say, you can only do the 2 hours raft which is safe.

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