Shigatse Cuisine

Dining in Shigatse is basically similar to other place in Tibet. All different levels of restaurants can be found. Most of them are gathered in north Liberation Road (Jiefang Beilu) and Qomolangma Road where various of dainties can be found, such as air-dried meat, blood sausage, barley wine, buttered tea, Zanba (roasted barley flour), sweetened tea, yogurt, milk tea, etc. Sichuan cuisine is available almost anywhere in Shigatse. The night market is located near the bus station on middle liberation Road, bustling with BBQ and hot pot stands.

Tibertan blood sausage (藏族血肠)
Blood sausage is a snack unique to Tibet. It is made from mutton. Goat blood is poured into intestine and then boiled.

Air-dried meat (风干肉)
Air-dried meat is also a popular foodstuff in Tibet. It is usually made at the year end when temperature is below zero. Fresh beef or mutton are sliced and air-dried. Tender, and fragile, it has unique taste.

Yogourt (酸奶)
Tibetan Yogourt is a must-try when you are in Tibet. It is extremely savory and tender with a layer of cream on the surface.