Shenzhen Weather

Situated at about the Tropic of Cancer, Shenzhen falls within subtropical monsoon climate with its own distinctive features: abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight and rare frost. Due to this pleasant weather, it is possible to visit the city all the year round.

The coldest month here is January, with the average temperature of 15.4℃ (59.72°F), so you will not feel freezing here even in the winter. Moreover, you had better bring raincoats or umbrella with you if you are to visit Shenzhen in April when rain begins to pour down. And the hottest month is July, with the average temperature of 28.8℃ (83.84°F). Although typhoon frequently comes from July to September, Shenzhen is hit once a year at most because typhoon is obstructed by mountains there. The annual temperature is around 22.5℃ (72.5°F), the highest temperature 38.7℃ (72.5°F), the lowest temperature 0.2℃ (32.36°F). The annual precipitation averages at about 1924.3mm.