Ngari Weather

Located in the west of Tibet with most areas standing high over 5000 meters, Nagri has a adverse weather with an considerable large temperature difference between day and night and an annual average temperature of only zero Celsius degree. Due to the high altitude, Ngari is cold and fry with little rainfall and the rainy season falls in the summer especially in July and August.

The best time to travel in Ngari should be May, June, September and October. Spring comes in may in Ngari, during the time everything comes to life and various species of wild life are playing in the open air or around lakes. Summer is the rainy season with heavy rain though it is also the chances to see rainbows and lavish green sceneries; regarded as Out-of-bounds Area, Ngari is severe cold in its long winter, during which time the road will be closed because of the heavy snow.  

To travel in Ngari, it is wise to take coat and warm clothes even in summer; though the temperature is over 20 Celsius degree in the day time, it may lower than zero Celsius degree at night.