New Tourist Information Centers launch in Quanjude

created: 2010-08-05

Deputy diretor of the Beijing Tourism Bureau Sun Weijia hands over Beijing Tourist Information board to general manager assistant of China Beijing Quanjude Group on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010.
The Beijing Tourism Bureau is working with the China Beijing Quanjude Group to launch 16 new tourist information centers at the Qianmen Quanjude Restaurant on Wednesday.
The centers are allocated in 16 restaurants under the Quanjude Group. Thus far, the Beijing Tourism Bureau has successfully developed 96 Beijing tourist information centers, which mainly are distributed in urban commercial districts, transportation hubs and famous tourist spots along with the airport.
Sun Weijia, deputy director of the Beijing Tourism Bureau said the cooperation with the Quanjude Group benefits two parties. It will effectively promote the Beijing Tourist information Center through "the impact of this famous historical brand of China." Also the Quanjude Group will have its image bolstered by taking certain social responsibilities for public good.
A network of Beijing tourist information inquiry services has been established through 10 years of development, covering main local districts and counties. As more foreigners from different countries come to Beijing, the service also faces related challenges.
"The Bureau is considering developing a special training project to improve our officers' multi-language skills and broaden their professional knowledge," said Sun.
The Beijing Tourism Bureau has been acting in close coordination with local counties and districts, successively setting up a batch of tourist information centers in hot spots where many travelers and residents gather.
It is said the administration will seek similar cooperation in different areas to expand such types of public service. Another 600 tourist information centers will be installed in 278 star-rated hotels in the future. It is estimated the tourist information center will host more than 2 million tourists by the end of 2010.

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