Qinghai Lake: Long lasting journey beyond cycling race

created: 2010-07-29

The Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race has just finished, though the gorgeous scenery of Qinghai Lake is still attracting tourists from all over. With a 15 degree average temperature in summer, is it fascinating enough to draw you there?

Riding around Qinghai Lake Riding Lines: Jiangxi Ditch- Heima River- Shinaiha Niaodao Town- Shatuo Temple Gangcha- Xihai Town

Riding Highlights: The route of Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race is the most famous biking trail in China. It not only has great road conditions, but also features a strong tinge of folk customs and Bird Island. Especially in late July, booming rape flowers add beauty to the route.


Qinghai Lake has been regarded as a holy lake of China. To experience the religious atmosphere, it's better to ride in a clockwise circle. Compass and map are necessary.


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