Zhejiang Has First TV Shopping Travel Agency

created: 2010-07-13

Recently, Zhejiang Province's only TV shopping travel agency, Best One Travel Service, was set up.

This is said to be the first TV shopping travel agency in China's broadcast industry, as well as another attempt by Best One Home Shopping Network to expand its business.

Qi Dongcheng, the executive deputy general manager of the travel agency, believes that tourism products are quite suitable for TV shopping. The new sales method will display the itinerary and scenery to the audience through images and sound, enabling them to learn about a location and the related services before they actually travel there.

Best One Travel Service says it plans to expand its business to other travel services such as air ticketing and hotel booking.

It is reported that Best One Travel Service will be looking for further opportunities to cooperate with other domestic and foreign travel agencies to introduce more products to consumers in Zhejiang.

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