MOU on Development of Cruise Industry in China

created: 2010-06-30

At the Seatrade All Asia Cruise Convention 2010 held in Suzhou, the Asia Cruise Association and the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association have signed a memorandum of understanding on promoting the development of the cruise industry in China and Asia.

ACA Chairman Rama Rebbapragada stated that both ACA and CCYIA are hoping to cooperate in many aspects to promote the development of the cruise industry. As Asia's largest cruise association, ACA will be the dominant force in promoting cruise travel in Asia and will lead the industry in commercial and professional development in this region.

The MOU will focus on four aspects: improving the awareness of Chinese consumers of cruise and cruise travel, and creating a cruise culture in line with China's national conditions; promoting the regional management of the Asian cruise industry and building a regional coordination mechanism to enhance the international management level of the Chinese cruise industry; jointly developing the Asian cruise industry, designing cruise itineraries and establishing a professional cruise training and industrial certification system; and participating in each other's international and regional cruise activities, coordinating international and regional cruise affairs, and conducting effective industrial activities.

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