Shoppers Find A World Market at Shanghai Expo

created: 2010-06-04

The spending spree at the Shanghai World Expo has been driven by both domestic and foreign tourists, and since the opening of the Expo Park, most tourists have purchased something before they left.

Tourists are drawn to the high-tech and national-style buildings but also enjoy the goods sold at other pavilions. They can shop "all over the world" at the Expo Park and therefore, shopping has become a popular reason to visit the Shanghai World Expo.

There are 80 licensed merchandise sales sites at the Expo Park, with flagship stores having a relatively more complete range of goods including playing cards, fridge magnets, precious metal commemorative coins and fine porcelain crafts. Of these Expo souvenirs, the passports, chocolates, playing cards and other unique practical gifts are the most popular.

Apart from various kinds of amazing pavilions, items with national characteristics are also very tempting. Visitors can buy goods with a particular country's national characteristics at the Expo Park without ever setting foot in the country itself.

At the Expo Park, tourists can buy all kinds of specialties from across the world such as Palestinian olive oil, Afghan dried fruits, Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea, Belgian chocolates, Chilean wines, Cuban cigars, El Salvadoran coffee and French perfume.


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