Xi'an Lintong builds National Tourist Resort

created: 2010-04-27

Construction work of the Xi'an Lintong National Resort, a joint venture by Lintong District and Qujiang New District of Xi'an with a total investment of 93 billion yuan, started from mid-April 2010.

Located at the northeast of Xi'an and the southwest of Lintong, the 28.78 square kilometer resort will have a basic pattern of "one mountain, one zone, three lakes, and five functional areas". One mountain refers to the large landscape ecological pattern integrating mountain, forest, water, and city based on the Lishan Scenic Area of Lintong. The one zone refers to the ecological conservation zone in the northern mountains area which acts as an ecological barrier. The three lakes are Fenghuang Pool, Zhiyang Lake, and Zixia Lake with total area of 1,600 mu. The five functional areas include Huaqing Pool-Beacon Tower scenic area, a hot spring and wellness educational area, Banshan health care resort, an international tourism and leisure area, and a business and residential area.

Construction work is expected to be completed by 2014. Local governments will invest 26 billion yuan to build a tourism destination with an international flavor for travel, vacation, spa, conventions, and exhibitions. Preliminary estimates indicate that the resort will be able to accept 15 million tourists a year and generate revenues of 4 billion yuan.


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