BITF Issues Hainan Tourism Declaration 2010

created: 2010-03-25

At the Boao International Tourism Forum 2010, representatives from 50 countries and regions jointly issued the Hainan Tourism Declaration 2010.

The declaration states that the tourism industry is a vigorous and promising industry with many job opportunities and comprehensive benefits. It plays an irreplaceable role in expanding domestic demand, stimulating consumption, coping with the global financial crisis, and promoting the peaceful development of the world. It is also a sensitive industry that is susceptible to unexpected events such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and economic crisis.

The declaration also proposed to build BITF into an international convention brand based on the principles of quality, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation to make contributions to strengthen the multi-level and multi-channel communications and dialogues between tourism destinations, governments and enterprises.

In regard to the sensitivity of tourism industry, there should be a cooperation and development mechanism for the world's tourism industry to deal with the negative impacts of a variety of unexpected events.

Representatives from 50 countries and regions have attended the BITF, including principals of the World Tourism Organization, the World Travel & Tourism Council, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, and tourism ministers and other VIPs.

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