Overseas reporters say Tibet visit 'amazing'

created: 2010-03-08

A group of 15 overseas reporters from ten media groups left Thursday after six days of visit in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

The six-days-trip were described as "amazing" by some of the reporters.

"I had prepared water, biscuits, chocolates when I started this trip, for I assumed that the trip would be difficult," said Christine Huang from CTI Television Incorporation.

"But I was amazed by what I saw in Tibet. The region was modern. We even got wireless services," Huang said.

Huang said she interviewed some Tibetans who run a hotel and was amazed by their high income.

"They could earn 70,000 to 80,000 yuan (10,248 to 11,713 U.S. dollars) a year. I never thought their income would be this high," Huang said.

The reporters were from media groups such as Macao Daily News, Asian Television, CTI Television Incorporation, Associated Press of Pakistan, Janpan's NHK, and APTN.

They interviewed local residents and visited temples in Lhasa and Nyingchi regions.

"I was mostly impressed by the culture here," said David Wivell from APTN.

"I was lucky to have the chance to take pictures of local dancing as a way celebrating the Tibetan New Year," David said.

Massod Sattar Khan from the Associated Press of Pakistan said he thought the visit was very meaningful as it was a way to introduce Tibet to the outside world.

"I hope we will have more such visits," he said.


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