Traveling To Sunny Sanya

created: 2010-03-02

Wang Junjun is the executive vice editor-in charge at Shanghai Qijing Consulting Company and her travels have taken her to Sanya, Chengdu, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

When do you normally go on holiday?

Annual leave ++++
Spring Festival ++
Traditional holidays ++++
National Day Holiday ++++

Which city has impressed you most during your holidays?

What are your reasons for choosing a travel destination (points out of five)?

Natural environment +++++ History and culture +
Sports ++++ Religion +
Shopping ++ Food ++++
Golf +++ Water sports +
Diving +++ Skiing +

Which hotel has impressed you most? How would you score it (points out of five)?
Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort ++++

How would you score each of the factors of the hotel that impressed you (points out of five)?

Hotel brand +++ Location +++++
Room reservation service ++++ Room rate ++++
Reception service +++
Concierge service ++++
Hotel security ++++
Elevators ++++
Transportation +++
Hotel service ++++
Hotel food and beverage +++
SPA ++++
Hotel environment ++++

The hotel's environment is not too bad. It has a private beach and its own swimming pool. It is close to the sea — it is actually built next to the beach. The scenery here is good. I can even enjoy the sea-scape from the hotel room which offers a quite broad view. The rooms are decorated in an "olde-worlde" way, but it’s little a bit too old. The staff of the hotel are kind. Their only shortcoming is that they are not always available when needed so I have to call them.

What are your comments on the room hotel rooms? How would you score the room features (points out of five)?

Room type: suite

Door lock (magcard/key) ++++
Air-conditioning ++++
Power points ++++ Ventilation system ++++
Cabinet/clothes rack ++++ Towels and bathrobes ++++
Internet service ++++
Safe +++ Shower and Bathtub ++++
Lighting ++++ Turndown service ++++
Quietness/noise-proofing ++++
Situation ++++
Room size ++++ Television ++++
Newspaper +++
Bed ++++
Sanitary facilities +++++ Mini bar +++
Work area ++++ Room decoration ++++

Which places did you visit during your stay in this destination and which scenic spots left you with a deep impression?
As I went there for a meeting, I did not get the time to visit other places in the region. However the beautiful beach made a deep and lasting impression on me.

How would you rate the destination (points out of five)?

Geographic environment +++++ Folk customs +++
Transportation ++ Climate +++++
Bars +++
Shopping ++ Food +++
City layout ++ Cultural and Historical Relics +



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