Hainan aims to become world-class resort

created: 2010-01-08

Earlier this week China announced it would build Hainan Province into a world-class tourism destination.

In its International Tourism Destination Strategy for Hainan, large-scale tourism infrastructure will be built according to the proposal by the State Council on Monday. But there were concerns raised about the current poor tourism services on the island, which were raised at a press conference on Wednesday in Beijing.

"My colleagues and I have received several complaints. I am disappointed by this. Although cheating customers and selling faulty products are individual cases, they ruin Hainan's image in customers' hearts," Luo Baoyou, governor of Hainan Province said at the press conference.

"If we cannot fix this basic problem effectively, we are not qualified to build an international tourism destination in Hainan," he added.

Luo also revealed that the provincial government is organizing a public campaign in the island to appeal to the locals to create a better tourism environment and a creative management mechanism will be set up to supervise the industry.

In addition, the first Boao International Tourism Forum will be held in March this year to further discuss development of the local tourism and modern tertiary industry.

With 60 percent of the province covered by forests, beautiful beaches and high-class golf courses, Hainan is one of the most popular scenic spots in China. In 2007 there were 18 million domestic tourists and 750,000 oversea tourists.

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