Tibet to build 99 scenic areas in 40 years

created: 2009-11-26

The Tibet Autonomous Regional Government plans to build 99 scenic areas in the next 40 years to promote Tibet's tourism with new resources.

According to Tibet's Construction Department, of the scenic areas, five will be world-class cultural heritage, two world-class natural heritage, 30 nation-class scenic areas.

Tibet boasts a total of 1,424 scenic areas at various levels, among which 99 are of fine quality and quite a few are unique in the world.

"As for scenic areas, they don't need too much publicity and world tourist organizations will naturally consider them as world tourist destinations," said Lu Yingfang, deputy director of the department.

The potential that scenic areas can play in enhancing the development of tourism is huge, he added.

"Brands play a significant role in promoting the popularity of tourism and showcasing local features. Scenic areas are carriers and bases for resources," said Zhang Jin, director of the Construction Department.

During the past 20 years, Tibet's neighboring provinces or regions, such as Sichun, Yunnan, Guizhou and Xinjiang, have made great efforts to build scenic areas to attract tourists and accelerate tourism.

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