Ma'anshan publishes survey of Anhui tourism market

created: 2009-07-20

The city of Ma'anshan has published its first consumer report on the tourism market in Anhui province and of the 1,617 people who took part in the survey, 1,468 said they were fond of traveling.

Of the respondents, 64% would choose a free trip, 28% would prefer to go with travel agencies and only 105 respondents are fond of self-drive tours. The respondents also said that travel agencies will need to improve their services and lower their service charges to attract more tourists.

Only seven respondents are in favor of travel shopping, 1,390 have signed travel contracts with travel agencies, and 1,286 have bought travel insurance.

Asked about services from travel agencies, 934 respondents were satisfied with the schedule arrangements, 967 were satisfied with their tour guides, and 998 are satisfied with the accommodation. And 1,005 people were satisfied with the service at scenic spots.

For tourism complaints, 160 respondents would go to travel agencies, 700 would go to quality supervision departments, 375 would go to consumers' associations, 271 would choose to go to court and only 10 would go to price departments.

(China Hospitality News July 20, 2009)

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