US to participate in Shanghai World Expo

created: 2009-07-02

The United States will take part in 2010 Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai, China, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Washington Wednesday.

"Our national pavilion will showcase American business and technology, as well as cultures and values to foster stronger friendship between the American and Chinese peoples as it also demonstrates America's commitment to a forward-looking, positive relationship with China," Clinton told reporters.

It will be "a perfect opportunity to highlight U.S. innovation, particularly in environmental initiatives, and to share ideas with countries from around the world on ways to create better cities and communities for all our people," she said.

Jose Villarreal, an attorney in San Antonio, Texas, will be in charge of the U.S. participation in the Expo, according to the State Department.

PepsiCo announced yesterday it is spending US$5 million to sponsor the U.S. pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo, joining 3M (MMM) and General Electric (GE).

So far U.S. pavilion organizers have only raised less than one-third the roughly US$61 million needed to build and fit-out the pavilion for the Shanghai Expo. The money must come entirely from the private sector because of a 1991 bill passed by Congress that prevents the U.S. government from funding national pavilions.

China has designated a prime 6,000 square meters (65,000 square feet) for the U.S. pavilion.

China voiced concern to Clinton when she visited Beijing in February and has offered flexibility to the United States on meeting Expo deadlines.

The Shanghai World Expo will be held in Shanghai from May to October next year under the theme "Better City, Better Life." So far, 191 countries have already confirmed their participation in Shanghai 2010.

( News Agency July 2, 2009)


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