Renovations renew historic villa in Shanghai

created: 2009-05-11

Changning District Education Bureau has started renovating the former residence of Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec to showcase Shanghai's culture and architectural heritage.

Hudec's designs included Shanghai's landmark Grand Cinema and Park Hotel. The renovation will restore the home to Hudec's original design. The architect's office, where he created his masterpieces, will be the focus of the restoration. The bureau said it will copy the furniture and ornaments according to records and pictures to recapture the feel of the office.

The three-story villa, located at 127 Panyu Road, was originally built in Tudor style with interior decorations in classical European style. More recently it has been used as the office building of a tourism school, but the house is now vacant. There was once a huge garden to the south of the house, but this is now used as a playground.

The renovated house will be open to the public and used as a site for training and lectures. The project aims to facilitate exchanges between Shanghai and Hungary.

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