World Economic Forum: China's Tourism Competitiveness Enhanced

created: 2009-05-05

According to The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 published by the World Economic Forum, China's travel and tourism competitiveness is rising rapidly.

The report covers 133 countries and regions around the world. Switzerland, Austria, and Germany have the most attractive environments for developing the travel and tourism industry. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China respectively rank in 12th, 43rd and 47th places. Mainland China has risen from 62th in 2008.

Since 1995, the number of foreign tourists China receives and the output value are increasing year by year. The number of foreign tourists has increased from 2 million in 1995 to nearly 6 million now; and the output value has increased from CNY10 billion in 1995 to CNY40 billion now. The report gives high scores to the promotion and price of China's tourism products, and also the natural and cultural resources.
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